For you, for me, for tomorrow

…and as the morninglight slowly makes its way in to my room, your heartbeat is in every tear down my cheek, your breath is so close in my heart. And l know, my life will go on, yet another day. I will not forget you, l will not forgive you, my darling. And l will live on, l will breathe every breath l need, l will walk every step that takes me further in this life. I will love you for ever, just as l promised, but it will be the memory of you that l love. I will live and love life, just like l promised you. My heart might be broken, but a broken heart got more surface to love with.

and when true and heartfelt laughter and life comes back to me, l will embrace it, with all my soul, for you, for me and for all that it ment. That love you gave me, the laughters, the joy and the happiness we shared. For the son you gave me, the pride we shared over him. That bit of life that is you and me, that no one can take from us, dead or alive.

…so give me a bit of time, my darling. The sun will rise and the pidgeons will fly, just like it should be. I will honor what should have been, live for what will be, and l will face what ever comes my way.

For you loved me.



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